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Raffle Tickets

The origins of Raffle lie in Italy where it was played as a game. It was a very popular game indeed and people held raffles for different purposes. Sometimes it was just for the amusement on a funfair or a festival where raffle tickets were sold only to cover the cost of the prize item or items and the lucky winners walked away gladly after the draw. At other times it was to raise funds for a noble cause and to help the community.

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For those who find it a little difficult to grasp the term raffle, the term lottery can also be explanatory. A raffle is a lottery in which many people play in hope of winning. The use of the money which is raised by the sale of the raffle tickets is entirely up to the person or institution that arranged the raffle. Generally the reason why a raffle is organized is very clearly mentioned so that people can know what their money is going to be used for.

As mentioned, a raffle can be used for many different purposes. In the United Kingdom for example, some places are not licensed to sell alcoholic drinks. So to find a way around it, the owners hold raffles which offer alcoholic drinks as a prize and there is no law against that. One can offer anything as a prize for a raffle.

Raffles are used for private purposes also. A famous example is when renowned photographer put his yacht as a raffle prize because he wanted to auction it. But these kinds of raffles cannot be held every where because they are not legal in all places.

To hold a raffle you essentially need raffle tickets since the draw takes place through the ticket numbers. So if you are planning to hold a raffle the most important thing you need to do is get raffle tickets. Raffle roll tickets are the most economical type of tickets you can get. Roll tickets are available in a variety of designs and you can easily order a roll on the internet. Your order will be delivered to your door step. If you are holding a small raffle even one roll will be enough for you because on the average one roll has 2000 tickets in it.

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So by spending a little money you can order readymade roll tickets and save yourself a lot of effort. On the other hand if you want to custom make your raffle tickets there are also various options. Number one is that you go to a printing press and tell them what you exactly want. Sometimes when a raffle is for a cause you might want to have a specific message or picture printed on it. You will get your tickets printed the way you want them.

Since nowadays almost everyone has a computer and a printer at home or in the office, you can easily print your own raffle tickets. If you are wondering how to make raffle tickets, you need to wonder no more. Raffle ticket printing has become as easy as picking up a pencil and writing on a sheet of paper. You can easily find raffle ticket printing software on the internet. You can even find one for free. You will find countless templates, designs and sizes and you can print your own raffle tickets as you like them.

Whether you are the part of a small community or a large one, you have to find a way of making yourself serviceable to the community. Here are some examples of how you can hold raffles to do different kinds of good things not only for your community but for the rest of the world.

If you are some kind of a business owner you can hold raffles. Let’s say that you have a restaurant however small, you can use it to hold raffles. Of course the raffle will be small but it will be for a good purpose nevertheless. If your community has an orphanage or a food shelter and you want to raise funds to help the needy you can easily hold small sized raffles regularly and keep contributing.

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You can get the raffle tickets either by purchasing or by printing and make sure that you advertise properly where the money collected from the raffle will go. Everyone has to eat and a free meal is never unwelcome. You can offer a delicious free meal as a raffle prize. You don’t necessarily have to give out the prize every day, choose one day for it like the weekend. Sell tickets to all your customers in your restaurant and you can even ask them to sell tickets for you.

Remember advertising the cause is very important. Invoke a sense of philanthropy in the people and tell them that the money they will invest in the raffle can feed a poor hungry child. People respond to causes like this. You will get your tickets sold and all you have to do is serve a free meal. In return you will be doing a great service to the community by doing such a thing.

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This is the example of a small business. Huge businesses and organizations hold raffles on a very large scale in order to support a very great cause. The cause can range from anything between funds for carrying out research for a deadly disease like cancer or helping the earthquake stricken population somewhere on the planet.

If you are selling raffle tickets you need to keep a few pointers in mind to be a successful salesperson. Start selling tickets to your friends and family. You can of course coax a few loved ones to help you with the cause. After that, always start with the respected members of the community that hold a position. Like the clergy men and the Father of the local church, the principal and teachers of the local school, the police department etc.

Since your cause is noble it is very unlikely that anyone will refuse you. Ask then to tell you about other people they know; their friends and family and manipulate them in buying raffles. There is nothing wrong with getting money out of people who can afford it for a good and noble cause. One more thing you need to keep in mind is that display the raffle prize in a place where a large number of people can see it.

Seeing believes and when people see what they are playing for they will participate more enthusiastically. You can choose a central location in the town that gets the most traffic. Or you can display the picture on a billboard that catches most attention. In this way people will know what they might be winning and that is what a raffle is about. It gives people the thrill of the game along with raising funds for something that will benefit the fellow human beings.

If you have never held a raffle and are a little reluctant about how it will go, you need to take the leap. Start it as fun with friends and family and then find a good cause; an institution that needs funds. Your raffles can save lives so join in.