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Raffle Ticket Template


Wouldn’t it be fun if you could print raffle tickets on your own? Of course it would be. Printing the tickets yourself gives you so much freedom to experiment with the color and design. You can add your own words, pictures and messages etc. and print just the amount of tickets that you want.


Your other option is to order readymade raffle ticket rolls or order a printing company to print the tickets for you. In the first case the tickets are economical and you will get about 2000 tickets in one roll at a very good choice but the tickets will be small, a little larger than a stamp and you will not have a great deal of variety. It will just be a simple piece of paper with a number written on it.

If you want to make the raffle ticket more special than you will have to option two; order the printing. For that you will have to give the printer complete details of the design you want on your ticket and any other special instructions. These tickets may slightly cost you more.

Then again coming to the first point you can easily print your own raffle tickets. To print a raffle ticket the first thing you need is a raffle ticket template. You must be wondering where on earth you could get that. The answer is simple. You will get from the internet. You can find countless raffle ticket templates online.

raffle ticket template free

You can simply type “Raffle ticket template” and will get many options like “Raffle ticket template free”, “Raffle ticket template download” etc. and you can go for the option you like. You can look around since many websites offer free raffle ticket template. There is a chance that you will find the template of your choice. There are so many options when it comes to raffle ticket templates. You will find templates which give you two tickets per page and you will find templates that give you 20 tickets per page.

You can either choose the readymade raffle ticket templates available online or you can get software and completely design the raffle ticket template on your own. Designing your own raffle ticket is even more fun if you have a creative streak. But before you get started get the information necessary for printing. This information will include the time and date of the event for which you are printing the tickets, the venue optionally and the reason for the fundraising. Once you have all the information you can get started with the design.

It is totally up to you to choose the template according to your preference. There are many things to consider when you are printing your own raffle tickets. The most important thing is the numbering of the raffle tickets since numbers are the most important thing in a raffle. The draw depends upon these numbers and if the numbers are not right you can end up in chaos.

One simple way is to keep the numbers in series; you start from 1 and go to whatever number you want to. Sometimes the raffle tickets have 5 or 6 number combinations. You cannot possibly do that if you don’t have proper software. The good news is that you can find the proper software to number the raffle tickets easily. If you find the right software then you don’t need to worry about the numbering any more. Some raffle tickets are printing with bar codes also. This makes it really easy to identify and keep track of the raffle tickets.

raffle ticket template

When you are printing raffle tickets you also have to get Raffle ticket paper. If you are arranging a raffle for fund raising and want to collect money to use it for a noble cause you do not need to spend a lot of money on the paper. The top quality paper will of course cost you more. You get paper that you can find at lower price but reasonable quality. Once you get the paper you can print sample raffle tickets and check and see how they come out.

Raffle tickets are printed either on the single side or both sides. How you want your raffle tickets depends upon your preference and the event of course. You can print your raffle tickets according to a theme that is appropriate to the cause. Similarly you can use a variety of colors and designs. You can add text that you want or add a quotation or a quip if you like. When printing raffle tickets yourself, you can play with a lot of options.

When you are printing raffle tickets you will need some other things too apart from the templates and the printing software. You will need things like a perforator to perforate the tickets and a sharp knife to cut them. You can arrange the tickets in stacks once you are done with the printing.